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Why should you start-up?

Monday, May 24th, 2010

“Wondering whether I should go?”, “should I launch my own business?”, “yeah, will definitely do it… one day”. All those familiar questions revolve around a single core question : “why should you / we / I start-up?” and its old companion “what will happen when I get there?”.

I get so much answers to this question everyday. Some old answers just stick there again and again. Some new ones, sometimes even greater ones, continue to flow after several years as an entrepreneur. In fact, there are so much answers to those simple questions that I would not capture them in a blog post…

Better share my main resources on the topic, the one I preciously curated for month. Not only the why, but the how, the high level answers and the small details, all of which make the bread and butter of an entrepreneur: