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The community of Web editors

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

You would probably have guessed from a previous post that Pearltrees aim is to fill a gap of web democratization : the edition of the web by and for the users of the web.

Pearltrees wants to build the participative community of web editors.

Why such a community? Because the number of contents available on the web goes far beyond the edition capability of any individual. Only a large community would be able to manage them properly.

Why participative ? Because we want to move from content aggregation to content edition. An aggregation is never as meaninful as a real edition: it dilutes the specific value of the individual voices. Participation  means much more than vote, or bookmark, it means giving a specific meaning, that may be discussed but not averaged by other participations.

Moreover, why should we work on a specific project? Why not to continue to use the existing platforms? Wont’ they already help us to be editors? Why should one single initiative gather an almost- infinite number of points of view?

To answer these questions is key.

They are two complementary dimensions in social medias: the diversity of contributions on the one hand, and the uniformity of formats on the other hand.

Wikipedia was born from the diversity of wikipedians but would not exit if not vehiculated inside the same wiki format. Youtube has an extreme variety of video contents but a single downloading and sharing process. Bloggers are all different in the way they contribute to the blogosphere, but they are all using very similar platforms and discussion rules.

There is a real taste for editing the web today. We all know blog posts only made of links to other post, twiterers that mainly retwitt, or link-based plateforms. Those are web editions already!

The only reason why a real open and participative editors community does not exist yet is the lack of a common editor format.

The ambition of Pearltrees is simply to provide this common format.