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The missing link to Web democratization

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

While the development of content creation, sharing and discussion sites has radically transformed the practice of Web users, it has not led to the democratization of access to this content.

Search engines and major portals still guide and direct users – rather than Web users themselves. Social bookmarking sites and other voting systems do not resolve this issue. By aggregating individual views rather than extracting specificities, they produce the same kind of results as the search engines.

This imbalance between democratic content creation and centralized access to content poses one of the main barriers to the development of the Web. It has two parallel effects:

-        As spectators, Web users cannot find their way through the mass of content that is of interest to them

-        As creators, Web users are obliged to engage in disseminating and referencing activities, far removed from their real interests, if they want to attract the audience their content deserves.

In practice, therefore, the Web’s democratization potential remains unfulfilled.

There is one missing link to a fully participative Web: user’s ability to guide and direct other users through their own Web.

Kicking-off the english cratyle

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Here is the english version of the blog I started in fall 2007.

Cratyle.net’s initial purpose was to publish random ideas on the Web evolution and needs. In few month, those random thought became much more focused than I would have guess…

Discussions around social media, user generated content and web “democratization” generated very precise ideas about the need for editing the Web. Those ideas became a social media concep, the concept gathered a small group of highly talented friends, and the friends founded a startup : pearltrees. It is now in private alpha and will open its doors in the coming weeks.

In the english version of this blog, I will certainly deal with pearltrees, its meaning, use and development – after all, pearltrees is a direct consequence of the discussions which took place here (and very specifically there…). I will also try to broaden the discussion on new media which is this blog’s long lasting theme (and eventually try to post a bit more than my usual once a month… c’est promis).

Welcome on a broader Cratyle!