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LeWeb10 and the curation topic

Looks like curation has been one of the keyword of LeWeb10.

Exactly one year after Pearltrees beta release, the activity we used to call human organization of the Web has not only find its word but also its way. Sure, Pearltrees is steadily growing, reaching 100.000 uniques and more. But it goes far beyond that: masses of new startups are quickly populating the curation field. Bloggers, thinkers and journalist begin to frame, to question, to define the curation topic.

Outside the circles of early adopters, people “get it” even quicker. A very deep human need support the development of curation: the need to give a meaning to its own world, to keep at hand, organize and share the stuff one likes. It looks like LeWeb10 was the time and place where a critical mass of internet professionals realized it.

What’s more on LeWeb? Is that all, folks?

Hell, no. So much more happened at LeWeb, so many talks, stories, meetings, ideas… So many stuff that it would require a whole team, just to collect, organize and share the thousands of small events which made up the larger one. Well, I guess you got it, it has required a team of curators to do it properly…

… so here is their great pearltree!

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