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Pealtrees is open!

Pearltrees alpha has just been released a week ago.

For sure, it is only a first step toward the large community of Web editors I was trying to describe in the last post. It is only a first step, but in my opinion, it is truly a step.

A couple of hundreds users are now building their own Web. It can be a funny, usefull or thoughtfull Web, about the present or about the past. It just looks like those who are building it: their tastes, their values and their striking diversity.

I will often discuss the large living map made of each individual map in the future: both its meaning and the way it may contribute to the Web. However, since pearltrees has just opened, since it is now there, ready to be used, I will first talk about its immediate benefit for you: I mean a pionnering pearltrees user.

There are 3 things you might immediately get in pearltrees:

1- Organize the map of your Web.

By using peartrees’ plugin, you will turn your navigations into content maps. Drawing a map enable you to store and find back much more content than traditional bookmarks, to organize them much quicker (you don’t need to tag them, just to put them in the order you like) and to use them much more intuitively. When you want to know where you are in real life you use rather a map than a list. Your mind work just the same way on-line. That’s the reason why pealrtrees will help you organize your web much more efficiently than bookmarks.

2- Guide your friends and readers through your Web.

By sharing your maps with your friends or your site audience, you will guide them through your Web navigations. Do you want to relate a discussion across blogs, comments and news-sites? Do you want to tell what happened, who answered what to who? Do you want to prepare a trip, to tell where you will go, what you will see, how to buy tickets in order to help a friend to come with you? Do you want to lead someone to a series of funny videos or through breaking news events? You can do all this just by sending a content map and letting people play this map.

3- Let yourself be guided through the Web

By playing the map of other pearltrees’ users, you will browse the Web in an entirely different way : not randomly, not through search engines, but by following a path organized by someone. You will discover the Web as if this someone was guiding you. It will not be the average someone actually, rather someone who know it, someone who has something to tell about it, or just someone who will likes it. By going from guide to guide, from map to map, you will discover an entirely new, humanly edited Web…

… An edited web I can only invite you to contribute to!


2 Responses to “Pealtrees is open!”

  1. Maud Says:

    Patrice, great post!

    Pearltrees is such a powerful tool, it is about to reveal a new aspect of the Internet! At last, the Web will be become OUR Web, and not that of the mainstream!


  2. Patrice Says:

    Thanks Maud – We will do everything we can for this!

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